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Discover the potential of data with our Power BI Showcase. From sales to finance and HR, explore a curated selection of visually captivating reports. Unlock actionable insights and uncover hidden opportunities with our transformative data solutions. Experience the power of data storytelling with Brightpoint’s Power BI reports.

Power BI Showcases: Explore the possibilities of data transformation and find inspiration in our diverse range of interactive showcases designed to fuel your business growth. Utilize our Power BI solutions to propel your business forward for just $50. Schedule a call with our experts to customize the report to your specific requirements and watch your business thrive

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You can access all of these Power BI solutions through a Brightpoint monthly subscription.

The Human Resource Management Power BI reports provides a holistic view of the organization’s HR data and HR processes, from candidate selection to employee performance management. 

Purchase Dashboard is a comprehensive dashboard containing reports on the Purchases, vendor wise and item wise purchase and an aging report. With Purchase Insights Power BI reports.

Sales Insights Power BI dashboard, a powerful tool that provides comprehensive and actionable insights into your organization’s sales performance. Our Sales Insights.

Inventory reports can be considered as an important operational analysis tool which helps in effective inventory management. Inventory Insights Dashboard enables you to effectively track, analyze, and optimize your inventory levels for improved operational efficiency and streamline your supply chain processes as well.

Finance Dashboard is another highly preferred dashboard which is mainly used by Upper Management as a point of information about business finance. These Power BI reports enable you to effectively track financial performance, analyze key metrics, and make informed decisions to drive financial success.

Profit & Loss reports provides detail on a compay’s revenue and expenses over a period of time.
These records provide information about a company’s ability or inability to generate profit by
increasing revenue, reducing costs, or both. P&L statements are often presented on a cash or accrual.

Balance sheets are an important part of a company’s financial reports. Balance sheet is a financial statement that reports a company’s assets, liabilities and shareholder equity and the provide a snapshot of the company’s finances.

Project Management dashboard allows project managers to keep track on the projects and get important insights related to projects. The project management dashboard contains reports like project profitabilty , project budget , transactions.

This Dashboard will be of great value specially to the Food Industry. Demand requirements dashboard is a well rounded dashboard to get detailed information & insights on the necessary elements for the manufacture of various prodcuts/items, it’s used as a track.

This Dashboard can be particulary beneficial for the Food Industry. On time & In Full Shipments reports are aimed at providing insights regarding the orders received & the orders shipped and also breaking down information on the shipments. The reports provide valuable insights into the timely and complete delivery of shipments, enabling you to monitor and enhance your supply.

This Dashboard can be particularly beneficial for the Food Industry. reports on yields are aimed at analysis the yields and thus helping in yield management. Yields Summary Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of yield performance and analysis, allowing you to optimize production processes, minimize waste, and improve operational efficiency.

The Wildlife Dashboard is an Overview of the Wildlfe Photography and the species, containing information about the various wildlife species helping users to get information on the various wildlife species, it’s Photo captures along with details of the cameras used for capturing the images and contains all the necessary information and insights.

This Report can be considered as a supplement to the Yields Summary Dashboard. It provides a concise summary of the progress and achievement towards the goals and objectives outlined in a specific plan. This report serves as a comprehensive assessment of the plan’s implementation and the extent to which the desired outcomes have been realized. 

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You can access ALL of these Power BI solutions through a Brightpoint monthly subscription.
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