Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Migrate Dynamics Great Plains (GP) to Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC)

Ready to upgrade your Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Business Central is Microsoft’s premium cloud-enabled mid-market ERP system.  Many Dynamics GP companies are now moving to Business Central to take advantage of Business Central’s advanced features, modern user experience, and integration and AI capabilities.


While Dynamics GP and Business Central are both full-featured mid-market ERP systems, Business Central includes newer cloud-enabled technologies with a more modern interface.

Why D365BC?

No more Financial Series Post:  D365BC is a fully online data processing solution, as opposed to DGP, which is a batch processing system. This means that transactions integrate automatically to the General Ledger and no Series Post is required.

Modern User Interface:  D365BC has a fully web-enabled, intuitive user interface, reimagined with the latest best practices in user adoption.  Your users will intuitively move through the system and drill down to transaction details. They can also personalize the user interface to accommodate their preferences.

Leverage the Power of Dimensions:  One challenge for GP companies is that account segmentation necessitates a large Chart of Accounts. The Business Central Chart of Accounts uses dimensions to reduce unnecessary redundancy while adding flexibility and simplifying and improving reporting.  Unlimited Dimensions can be added to the D365BC Chart of Accounts.

Edit In Excel:  This is one of the most exciting D365BC features for Dynamics GP users.  Dynamics GP users are accustomed to having to reach out to IT for mass record updates.  Using a single click in D365BC, users can open an Excel file from any D365BC grid with data automatically populating the spreadsheet from D365. Then, users can make the modifications to the spreadsheet using in Excel. When satisfied, the data is uploaded from Excel to D365BC, and the application performs all of the same field level validations as if the data was entered directly in D365BC application user interface.

Master Record Edits:  One of your users accidentally gave a Customer the wrong Customer ID.  In GP you need to run a utility to change the master records to the correct ID.  In Business Central, you can just update the record on the fly on the Customer Card, and you’re done.

Analytics and Reporting: Availability of data on the cloud enables leveraging the analytics and reporting capabilities/tools. Power BI coupled with the Azure offering to store and manage massive data, is worth investing in. The starting point is the embedded power BI within Business Central.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI): Cortana Intelligence available with Business Central enables taking the first step towards Machine learning and AI. The complete gamut of AI is then available for use deriving benefits for businesses.

Collaboration Solutions: Close-knit integration of Business Central with Power Platform, Customer engagement and Office 365 allows the business significantly increasing the efficiency.

Maintenance Cost & Auto Upgrades: The cost of infrastructure management and maintenance for your business is significantly reduced. Microsoft manages the infrastructure for you and the pains and anxiety of infrastructure upgrade/ monitoring/ management completely goes away. Business Central is auto-upgraded by Microsoft, and the new features are available with every update.

Business ‘on the move’ with multiple devices adds another dimension to the way the operations are currently executed auto upgrades.

Similarly, we provide migration solutions from On-premise to Cloud for various other Microsoft technologies like “Exchange server migration”, “SharePoint content migration”, “Application workflow & Data migration”, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM migration” and many more.

Why migrate from GP to BC:

  • Move your business to the cloud: with cloud service in BC, makes your business more secure with low-cost maintenance in infrastructure
  • Integrate into one system: adapt and innovate in real-time with business applications, for instance, Power BI, Power Apps, Flow, and Office 365 all in one place
  • Smarter Decision by Business Intelligence: get a competitive advantage and faster decision-making capability using the in-built intelligence
    with Power BI integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Gain control over your process: Take your business wherever you go, Business Central works on any computer, tablet or phone with the same capability.
  • Work from anywhere and anytime