Power BI

Visualize Your Data and Deliver stunning interactive reports  All Across your Enterprise with Microsoft Power BI Solutions from Brightpoint

Overview of the different Power BI versions available:

Power BI Versions


Power BI Desktop

A windows desktop application for data analysis and report creation

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Power BI Service

Online software as a service, used to collaborate and distribute reports

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Power BIEmbedded

A service to embed visual, reports and dashbaords into an application

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Power BI Mobile

A native Mobile application

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Power BI Report Server

An on-premises report server (available through Power BI Premium licensing)

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Power BI Report Builder

A tool for creating paginated reports

  • Power BI Desktop — Free, intended for small to midsize businesses
  • Power BI Service
    • Power BI Pro — Paid per-user license, needed to get access to advanced features and the ability to share reports
    • Power BI Premium — Licenses by scale, intended for large businesses and enterprises
  • Power BI Mobile — Device-based app for phones and tables
  • Power BI Report Builder — Presenting reports enterprise wide, scheduled, ad-hoc, paginated, mobile and embedded.
  • Power BI Report Server — An on-premise version of the Power BI Desktop app for businesses that need to keep their data and reports on their in-house servers
  • Power BI Embedded — A white-label version of Power BI which Independent Software Vendors can embed in their own apps, rather than build their own analytical features

List of Power BI Features and Solutions:

Power BI Data Management

  • Data ingestion
  • 100+ native data source connectors
  • Power BI dataflows
  • Integration with Azure Data Lake Storage

Power BI Analytics

  •  Data modeling
  • The statistical language R support
  • Quick Insights
  • Predictive analytics
  • Real-time data analytics, Azure Stream Analytics

Power BI Reporting

  • Enterprise-wide reporting
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Paginated reporting
  • Mobile reporting
  • Embedded reporting

Power BI Visualization

  • Interactive dashboarding
  • Drill-down functionality
  • Pre-built visuals
  • Custom visuals
  • Natural language user interface

Power BI Security

  • Data encryption
  • Workspace-level security
  • Row-level security
  • Compliance
  • Availability in Microsoft national clouds

Power BI Solutions from Brightpoint

  • Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence
  • Financial analytics
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Operational analytics
  • Manufacturing analytics
  • Predictive maintenance and asset optimization
  • Analytics embedded in applications