Trade & Distribution - Brightpoint Infotech

From the spectrum of different lead time to the complexity of collaborating, trade & distribution industry is facing a lot of challenges across the way. We are looking at a scenario where a business must collaborate with remote suppliers and partners while constantly following regulations and other trade tariffs. Many times, a hasty decision can lead to operational inefficiencies, eroding sales and extremely high logistics costs.

Amazon has transformed the world to have significantly different expectations when it comes to ordering and receiving goods and services. Visibility, trackability, service and urgency have become our customer success expectation.With enterprises seeking to accelerate their growth outside of their traditional markets, distributors must contend with various challenges such as intense competition from both local and global players, cost pressures, currency volatility, the growing influence of eCommerce and market uncertainties. In this scenario, successful trading and distributor organizations invest in technology to improve their efficiencies, eliminate bottlenecks, expand their reach and realize the gains quickly from new product introductions.eCommerce and global supply chains have enabled companies of all sizes to compete, pivot to different business models, and succeed.

Technology has played a huge role in this and the democratization and federation of services has helped to reduce waste, better understand and anticipate disruptive events and meet these demands.  Dynamics 365, with its order to cash functionality and built in advanced analytics and insights along with its Power Platform allows for new workflows, integration with external applications, and low code/no-code development to continually evolve to meet customer expectations.

Brightpoint Infotech implemented Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Business Central ERP solutions for our clients to gain complete control Supply Chain, Distribution, Finance, Electronic trade, Integration with Core Line of Business (LoB) systems and Vendor & Customer Collaboration portals that help customers overcome their business challenges by enhancing their processes, insightful, stimulating innovations, containing costs and enabling operational control. With real-time data with businesses are empowered to take decisions very quickly & correctly.Brightpoint Infotech has implemented and helped clients leverage Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations and Business Central) by focusing on Supply Chain, Warehouse & Inventory Management, and Customer & Supplier Portals to achieve operational excellence with outstanding external collaboration and communication.  And, by taking advantage of inbuilt insights and analytics, new business models can be discovered and disruptive events can be avoided or minimized.

Modules Implemented

  • Core Financial
  • Budget
  • Inter-company & Global Consolidation
  • Fixed Assets
  • Purchase/Sourcing
  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Orders management
  • EDI & System Integration
  • Service Contracts
  • Inventory
  • Advanced Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Project Accounting
  • Distribution
  • Customer/Vendor Collaboration portal
  • Human Resource