Demand Requirements Dashboard

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Demand Requirements Dashboard

This Dashboard will be of great value specially to the Food Industry. Demand requirements dashboard is a well rounded dashboard to get detailed information & insights on the necessary elements for the manufacture of various products/items, it’s used as a tracker to keep a check on production of the items and the components that will be needed for the production of that item.

And it helps in determining if all the raw materials/components are in adequate quantity so that the items can be produced without any disruption due to lack of any components in a Bill of Materials. The dashboard contains Inventory reports to get an accurate picture of quantity on hand and monitor the inventory management. Runout Calendar report acts as a tabular calendar to identify the materials which are low on stock, and 2 reports on the Master Production Schedule to get a picture of the BOM materials and the output items

    This dashboard has been developed with the data from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    The mode of storage can be modified as per the need and volume of data. By utilizing our Wildlife Power BI Dashboard, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of wildlife