Sales Insights Dashboard

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Sales Insights

Sales Insights Dashboard

Sales Insights Power BI dashboard, a powerful tool that provides comprehensive and actionable insights into your organization’s sales performance. Our Sales Insights dashboard empowers you to optimize sales strategies, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue growth. The Sales Dashboard contains reports on the overview of Sales, and other reports on various aspects of sales like Gross sales, Net sales, return sales, net sales by price and also an Aging report. Using the Sales Dashboard, users can get in depth information and insights on the sales and it’s different aspects which help them understand their Sales from all sides.

Gross Sales report provides relevant information and insights for the gross sales analysis and provides insights into the overall revenue generated by your sales efforts. and similarly for Net sales to understand the true impact of your sales efforts on the bottom line, a report for Net sales by Sales price to get insights on sales revenue based on different sales price points or pricing tiers, a Return sales report to analyze sales returns or product refunds and implement strategies to reduce return rates and improve customer satisfaction. An aging report to see the customer wise and item wise aging to track the age of outstanding sales invoices or accounts receivable. With Sales Insights Power BI dashboard, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales performance, identify areas for improvement, and drive revenue optimization.

    This dashboard has been developed with the data from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

     In Full report shows the details of shipments where the goods shipped are in full quantity and partial qty through which partial shipments can be identified and necessary actions can be taken. These reports have been developed with the data from Dynamics 365 Business Central.