Microsoft dynamics 365 and power automate

Microsoft Dynamics 365 And Power Automate

The businesses worldwide are using the advanced technologies for customer relationship management (CRM). These technologies are useful in maintaining the relationship with the customers and interaction with current as well as potential customers. One of such technology is the Microsoft Dynamic 365. This cloud-based business applications platform assists businesses in combining CRM as well as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This application also combines tools of the artificial intelligence along with applications’ productivity.

In year 2016, Dynamic 365 was launched when Dynamic CRM application of Microsoft was combined with Dynamic AX (Microsoft’s ERP Application). At that point of time, there were only few major vendors that combined capabilities of CRM and ERP.
As per the research of Nucleus, 64 percent of the companies are using applications of CRM and at the same time consider it as one of the very impactful tool for their businesses.

The technology of CRM is very important for any business. The one of the products’ of Microsoft is making a difference which is Microsoft Dynamic 365. For mid-market companies, this product makes it easier to engage with the customers, members of team, and prospects.
Microsoft Dynamic 365 assists companies by unifying all of the CRM apps that any business utilizes, making process of sales much simpler as well as more streamlined. It also assists employees in improving customer relations, experiences, and helpful in improving productivity and increasing sales.

It makes communicating with customers as well as internally very smooth or easier because it uses both technology, ERP and CRM. In this era of digitalization, this process brings intelligence to vary processes of business and also bringing digital transformation that any business desired.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 – Benefits

  • This tool is very easy to use and simple to implement.
  • It enables users to manage its assets as well as processes
  • It allows simple use of Power BI, outlook, as well as SharePoint.
  • It assist in efficient and quick move between varies applications.
  • It collects a vast amount of data of its target audience or clients.
  • This tool is helpful in analyzing how to interact with specific brands.
  • It also has built-in analytical tools including Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and many more.
  • It provides cloud-based solutions that offer advanced level cyber security.
  • This tool’s advanced automation function assist in identify redundancies in the processes and also in resources.

MS Dynamics 365 Power Automate creates automated workflows

Power Automate

It refers to a tool that automate any task at varies business processes. The task can be complex or simple, and can also be personal or professional. The whole idea of Microsoft power automates is to automating the repetitive tasks. These repetitive tasks may also include human interaction such as seeking approval for leaves and approving the assignments or tasks. Without writing any extra code, power automate integrate D365 business with any 3rd party API tools. Any business can consume this data to its MS ERP using Flows. Microsoft office 365 has a large number of apps that became essential for operations of business and used by thousands of organizations around the globe. These applications include-

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote

To the dynamic world, a flow is an additional add-on in comparison to Ax 2012 where the meaning of automation something else. These apps exist does not generally communicate with other apps and this problem is sort by Power Automate. It lets each of these apps communicate to each other and take the required actions as per triggers from other apps.

Function of Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate refers to a tool that is widely used for automating processes as well as tasks by linking different platforms and also applications. With the help of this tool, users can easily connect applications to each other and also to the other applications’ large library, but this can be possible in cloud environments or on-premises environments.
This basic automation makes day to day activities of businesses much easier. The one of the best advantage of these automations is that automations can be easily or quickly created with a basic understanding of Microsoft office 365.
The Power Apps of Microsoft or Power BI can be used by the advanced users to create custom business processes. At the same time, by using the workflows, it became easier for users to map out how different apps should work together.

Power Automate Use in Business

Within the business, the one of the valuable skill is power automate, The processes of automating any work or business can improve level of productivity across different departments, assist in day-to-day business, and also keep stakeholders informed. In the business, the power automate workflows can-

  • Record and organize documents
  • Inform about top priority emails
  • Maintain and monitor marketing functions
  • Notify company’s sales department for every new opportunity
  • Remind to take daily or weekly actions.

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