How to Default from Ordered quantity in pending vendor invoice Microsoft dynamics D365FO, Finance and operations

I noticed, sometimes we are not able to default the value which we want in AP Pending vendor invoice screen, and neither we get a dialogue box.

Cause: It is due to cache data stored in D365FO application.

Solution: Delete the cache data in the application. Follow the steps below:


Delete Cache

  1. Login to 365FO application, Click Settings User options

  1. Click Usage data

  1. Select All usage data

  1. Search for Element name = PurchFormLetter_Invoice , in Record type= Class
  2.   Select the below line and Delete

Create Invoice

1.Create  Pending vendor invoice. Navigate to Accounts payable Invoices Pending vendor invoices

  1. Click New

  1. Select the Purchase order which needs to be invoiced and enter Invoice number, Invoice description, Invoice date


  1. From the “Default from” drop-down, select “Ordered quantity” and click Ok

  1. Notice that Order lines has been pulled in the pending vendor invoice screen

6.Click Post button in the header to trigger to record the data in Cache.

  1. You will notice a pop-up box prompting for the default value


  1. You may checkmark “Do not tell me again” and Click No if you wish to default to “Ordered Quantity” and do not want the dialogue box again.
  2. Or you may click just No and proceed with the transaction. The dialogue box would appear again, until you select “Do not tell me again”

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