Employee Pay Slip Solution from Brightpoint Infotech

Employee Pay Slip Solution from Brightpoint Infotech

Business Case

Organization/Employees who don’t have access to D365 application or pay slip automated distribution


Brightpoint Infotech (BPI) understands that customers who implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations for HR and Payroll generally need pay slips (or stubs) to be sent (to the employee) by the application after employees’ salary processing. This is a common requirement for almost all HR and Payroll implementations. Brightpoint Infotech has built a point solution to fulfill this requirement. With a single click, the application will send an email to all the employees based on their configured pay cycle and pay period.


  1. Generate Earnings & Deductions
  2. Calculate Variations
  3. Posting Group by Mapping
  4. Release earning statement
  5. Generate pay statement
  6. Post payment Journal
  7. Perform payment processing
  8. Post & Submit pay statement
  9. Automate Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Pay Slip – One Click Pay Slip
  10. Pay Slip
  11. Bank Advise
  12. Bank Summary Details
  13. Reports


The solution will

  1. License cost optimization if user does not require to access D365.
  2. With One Click Pay Slip’ solution, payroll manager can send individual pay slip to all the employees based on their pay cycle and pay period in one go with a One Click.
  3. Email template can be defined by Payroll manager.
  4. Generate pay slips and send pay slips by email
  5. Probability of entering incorrect employee’s email address is NIL.
  6. Probability of missing to send pay slip by email is NIL
  7. One-Time Setup and Configuration
  8. Easy to update or add or remove email address
  9. Eliminate follow-up requests for pay slip from employees
  10. Support’s the provision of regular and ad hoc reports


You’ve successfully generated pay slip and sent by email! To all employees in One click. What we’ve outlined in this blog is the “cheerful path” of generate employee pay slips in One Click.

Look out for future blogs on the additional features

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