Brightpoint Infotech Unveils Edufin SIS: Revolutionizing Student Information Systems

Brightpoint Infotech Announces Availability of Edufin SIS on Microsoft AppSource

In an era where technology drives efficiency and innovation, educational institutions must adapt to stay ahead. Brightpoint Infotech is thrilled to announce the launch of Edufin Student Information System (SIS) on Microsoft AppSource. This advanced system is poised to revolutionize how schools, colleges, and universities manage student data and administrative processes, ensuring a seamless and enriched educational experience.

Why Edufin SIS?

With over 20 successful implementations of Microsoft Dynamics enterprise solutions for higher education, Brightpoint Infotech leverages its expertise to deliver a comprehensive Student Information System tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions. Edufin SIS is designed to streamline operations, enhance the student experience, and provide actionable insights into institutional performance.

Key Challenges Addressed by Edufin SIS

Educational institutions often face several challenges in managing their operations efficiently. Edufin SIS addresses these common issues:

Data Management: Handling vast amounts of student data securely and efficiently.

Student Engagement: Providing students with easy access to their information and services.

Administrative Efficiency: Automating repetitive tasks and streamlining administrative processes.

Financial Management: Integrating financial processes, such as billing and payments, with student records.

Real-Time Insights: Gaining actionable insights into various aspects of the institution’s performance.

Key Features of Edufin SIS

Edufin SIS offers a robust suite of features that cater to various aspects of student and administrative management:

Seamless Integration and Automation

Edufin SIS seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and other leading ERP systems, ensuring smooth data flow across all platforms.

Key modules include:

  • Student Management
  • Application Management
  • Financial Management
  • Grade & Examination Management
  • Hostel / Housing Management

Automation is at the core of Edufin SIS, with features such as electronic approval workflows for student applications and automated billing processes. Notifications for important documents and events, like timetables and grading, ensure that students and faculty are always informed and engaged.

Delivering Actionable Insights

Edufin SIS not only streamlines operations but also provides valuable insights through advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Some of the key reports include:

  • Enrollment Statistics
  • Student Statements and Balances
  • Fee Structure Reports
  • Accommodation Summaries
  • Grading and Examination Attendance Summaries
  • Official and Provisional Transcripts

These insights help administrators make informed decisions, enhancing both financial and academic planning.

Use Cases

Here are some use cases demonstrating how Edufin SIS can benefit educational institutions

  1. University A: Struggled with managing a large volume of student data. Edufin SIS streamlined data management, enabling efficient access and updating of student records, which reduced administrative workload by 30%.
  2. College B: Faced issues with student engagement. Implementing the student web portal feature of Edufin SIS provided students with 24/7 access to their academic information, leading to a 25% increase in student satisfaction.
  3. Institute C: Had difficulties with financial management. Edufin SIS integrated billing and payments with student records, improving financial accuracy and reducing overdue payments by 20%.

Edufin SIS for Higher Education Solution: 2 Key Questions Answered: Frequently Asked Questions

Edufin SIS is built on the robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, offering seamless integration with other ERP systems, advanced automation, and real-time insights, making it a comprehensive solution for managing the entire student lifecycle.

Edufin SIS automates repetitive tasks, such as billing and student registration, and provides electronic approval workflows, significantly reducing the administrative workload and minimizing errors.

 Yes, Edufin SIS is designed to efficiently manage and process large volumes of student data, ensuring secure and quick access to necessary information.

Absolutely. Edufin SIS is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of any educational institution.

Edufin SIS integrates billing and payments with student records, automates revenue recognition, and provides comprehensive financial dashboards and reports for better financial decision-making.


Transform your institution with Edufin SIS! Contact us now to learn how we can help you access cutting-edge technology and streamline student information management.

Get Started with Edufin SIS

Brightpoint Infotech is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower educational institutions to achieve their goals. With Edufin SIS, we aim to provide a comprehensive, data-driven solution for managing the entire student life cycle, from enrollment to graduation.

Ready to transform your institution? Request a demo today and see how Edufin SIS can enhance your operations and student experience.

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