Vendor Customer Relationship in AX 2012

Create a Vendor /customer in Axapta 2012 and the relationship of vendor and customer.

Today we will have a discussion on how to create vendors and customers in AX2012. In some organizations, we purchase some material from our vendors and the same vendor is treated as a customer. AX provides a relationship between the Vendor and the Customer. For the creation of vendor/customer, follow this step. We create a Heaven Enterprise party and create customer vendor relationship.

Home->Common->Global address book

On the left hand, side there is there an option for party, customer, and vendor. If you want to create a vendor, click on vendor or if you want to create Customer click on customer.

We are clicking the Party and entering the details of Heaven Enterprise their address and other misc. details.

Click on the customer in the active pane. After that this party will be treated as our customer and the system will allocate a customer no.

In above system allocation the customer no is –US_SI_0138. You can enter misc details of customer like the terms of payment, method of payment, credit and collection and close it.

After that click on vendor and you follow the same process, enter the misc. details, and close it.
On the right side, there is role detail box, which shows the party details with the vendor and customer no.

We follow this process in AX to create a vendor and customer. When you enter the voucher it also shows the customer/vendor relationship balance like the picture below.

In the customer balance:

In the vendor balance: