Utilization of Ledger Allocation Rule in AX 2012

AX 2012 provides a default ledger allocation on particular expenses. If you pay any expenses on bases of different departments, dimensions and legal entity, AX provides a solution that is automatically fixed as per our ledger allocation rule.

For the Ledger allocation rule, follow this step

General Ledger–>Setup—>Posting–>Ledger Allocation rule

Create New Ledger allocation rule. For example, I am creating a new rule for rent

Go to general tab fill the journal name and allocation method

After that click on source and mention the rent Ledger main account no.

After that click on destination and mention the allocation classification.

Save and close it


Go to General Ledger–>Periodic–> Process allocation request

Click on ok and go to general ledger–>Journal—>Allocation open last entry and view the Detail