How to create a Workflow in Axapta 2012

In Axapta 2012, different modules have their own workflows. We can set up a workflow as per our requirements and with a given particular condition assignment. We will give a workflow condition on different entry forms.
For example we can create a simple workflow in general ledger entry form with the condition that if the journal amount is greater than 50000 INR, they require the approval otherwise no approval is required.
To create this workflow follow this step.
General ledger—>Setup—>General ledger workflows

Click on New button and select the ledger daily journal workflow and click create workflow.

Select the conditional decision, drag it between start and end. Again select the approved daily journal and drag it the left of the conditional decision.

Select the end of start and drag it to the conditional decision. When the conditional decision is true, we move to the left side. The journal goes to approve the daily journal and then drag it to the end. When the conditional decision is false, we move to the end. Therefore, we drag the left side to the end.

After that, double click on conditional decision and the given condition there. In the given case we are given a condition that if the journal total debit amount is greater than 50000 it requires the approval.

After given the condition close it. Then select the approve journal line and open it.

Click on assignment and mention the approval user name on there.

Then save and close it. At the time of closing they require a version no. It requires a small change, a new version number that has to be activated.
Once it is activated, it is given a unique workflow ID that we assign to our Journal name.
Go to General ledger->setup->Journal Name open journal name and assign the workflow ID there.

Create a new journal Line and when you select- submit the journal name-, a yellow line will appear in the journal name.

Create a new voucher on that journal no. You see that the post button is disabled and approval is disabled because as per our condition, voucher goes to Chandan for approval.

After doing voucher entry close it and click on submit button and given comment.

You also see the action and history of this voucher. After submission it is converted into action button. Click on that and view history.

This process is the most helpful for creation of any workflow in Axapta2012.