Payroll, HR and Tax Solutions for Dynamics 365

Payroll, HR and Tax Solutions for Dynamics

Payroll is an often overlooked but vital component of a thriving business. When executed flawlessly, it seamlessly operates in the background. However, a single mistake can trigger a chain reaction of complications, capturing everyone’s attention.

At Brightpoint Infotech, we understand the significance of precise payroll and efficient HR processes for you and your workforce

    Save Your Team Time & Money with An All-in-One Cloud-based Solution

    Experience the confidence that comes with user-friendly tools and unparalleled customer support. With Greenshades, you can empower your team with everything they need to thrive, ensuring accurate payroll and effective HR practices.


    Pay your employees on time and on their terms. Calculate payroll in real-time Instantly preview results Effortlessly handle complex scenarios

    Human Resources

    Empower your HR team to create a better employee experience. Streamline HR operations Easily manage recruiting & onboarding Improve communication with employees

    Benefits Management

    Ensure every employee has what they need to thrive. Simplify the open enrollment process. Grant access to self-service portal Streamline key life event enrollments

    Tax and Compliance

    Confidently navigate payroll, year-end, and other tax complexities. Manage & uphold compliance with ease Automate complicated tax withholdings Utilize unlimited garnishments

    Time & Labor Management

    Confidently navigate payroll, year-end, and other tax complexities. Manage & uphold compliance with ease Automate complicated tax withholdings Utilize unlimited garnishments

    Easy to Use

    Our payroll system is user-friendly and easy to install, set up, and configure. The system's full integration with GL and ERP systems makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of payroll expertise

    Enhance your Dynamics ERP:

    Greenshades is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, including Dynamics, providing you with a unified and efficient payroll management experience.

    With a simple set up, data can flow freely with no scripts to manage, no manual upgrades, and no need to bother your help desk. Employees, projects, and financial information flows smoothly between Dynamics and the Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform.

    By incorporating Dynamics 365 BC Jobs Module, you can enhance your ability to monitor employee earnings, deductions, and benefits through Cost Reporting using Payroll’s Custom Fields, thereby gaining increased flexibility and accuracy.

    Technology that Best Supports You:

    Greenshades’ flexible Payroll/HR/Tax platform is configurable to fit your individual business and technology needs, allowing you to operate efficiently.

    • Compliance at the Core From union contracts to region-specific pay rules and shifting legislative landscapes, Greenshades will navigate the most complex compliance challenges so you don’t have to.
    • Enhance Systems Critical to your Business Nothing is more painful than replacing an expensive business system, especially when it is tailored to you. Experience solutions that enhances day-to-day operations, extending the life and value of their chosen technology stack.
    • Personalized Support Greenshades commitment to exceptional customer service stems from the belief that every customer matters. Their dedication to prioritizing customer needs has earned them a well-deserved reputation for delivering industry-leading satisfaction.

    Interested to learn more about payroll, HR and tax solutions that can save your teams valuable time and resources? Contact us today!