Create a Journal Name in AX2012

What is a Journal and their roll in AX:
In the ERP System, we work on different modules and all the modules are interlinked with the financial module. Every module has its own workflow, user, and different voucher sequences. A Journal name is used for combining the same type of vouchers in one place and assigns workflow, module type, user, and miscellaneous information regarding the posting. We will now discuss how to create a Journal in AX 2012 and what features are available in the Journal. For example, we are creating a Journal for Journal Entry.
For the creation journal go to
General Ledger->Setup->Journal-> journal name
Click on new button.

We will create an initial name GJV for the name field in the journal.

A Description is used for the journal name. On the left hand side, you see different type of journals like AP payment, Hr Invoice for which we give a Description.
For the Approval required, we give the approval name of the user in the approval field.

Approve the workflow if the company has a workflow and then assign it to the journal.Activate the workflow and select the workflow name in the workflow field. In the last blog, we have defined the creation of the workflow and assignment to the journal.

If you want some particular user not use this journal, then select private for the user group and include the user name on that user group. Only selected users will see that journal.

Voucher Number:
Select the voucher serial number.
Method of new vouchers: They have three options -in connection with balance, manual, and one voucher only. Normally in-connection with balance is recommended.
On the right hand side, you will see the offset account proposal
Activate the offset account if required.

In the account type, we enter the customer, vendor, bank information only once and the offset account automatically adds it in the voucher. For example when we select the ledger with a ledger code 110125, it comes automatically in the voucher.

Enter posting detail as per the requirements.
Enter Currency
You are also assigning the Dimension in Journal, which is automatic when you create a new journal.

We also have an option for the journal control and posting restrictions

Close it
We have selected a journal type- daily. It relates to the General ledger.
General Ledger->Journal->General Ledger
Click on new and select the GJV

Go to Financial Dimension. You will see that the Dimensions come automatically because we have mentioned it in the journal name.