Business Case

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations for HR needs multiple file upload requirement which is not available as OOB feature.


Brightpoint Infotech (BPI) understands that customers who implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations for HR needs to upload lots of document for employee. This is a common requirement for almost all HR and Payroll implementations. Brightpoint Infotech has built a point solution to fulfill this requirement. With a multiple document upload, the application will upload multiple documents for one employee or employees in one go.


  1. Have all attachments in a source folder with correct file format and update the metadata details in the excel file.
  2. PowerShell will process this source folder and deliver output folder which will be Compressed file for import
  3. HR will import this compressed file using data management
  4. Once import is successful the files can be seen in each employee records


The solution will

  1. Save effort & time.
  2. Improve productivity for document management
  3. Improve accuracy for document handling
  4. Automate Meta data tagging
  5. Reduce multiple iteration of document upload
  6. Reduce manual intervention


You’ve successfully imported multiple documents using data management in one go. What we’ve outlined in this blog is the “cheerful path” to upload multiple documents using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations for HR Module

Look out for future blogs on the additional features
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