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Student Information System (SIS) Solutions Services

Industry-specific solution for “Education Sector” developed by Industry experts

    Key Feature Functionalities

    Student Web portal
    Key Modules
    1. Access to College/University portal for registration
    2. Registration for a Program/Course
    3. Students will have their login and view their information
    4. Make payments for the Program/Courses
    5. View/Download Transcripts
    1. Application, Student Admission Process
    2. Program, Program options, Lecturer timetable
    3. Fund Disbursement
    4. Revenue recognition
    5. Real-time integration between Student Web Portal and D365BC and leading Tier 1 & 2 ERP’s
    1. Electronic approval workflow for Student Applications
    2. All standard D365 BC workflows as Out of the Box features


    • Integrates student billing and payments with student finance.
    • All student information is extended to ERP from web portal extension
    • Manage student cycle from application to graduation
    • Students can raise requisitions through online portal to Edufin SIS
    • All financial related documents can be integrated to student portal
    • Part time lectures can be paid their remuneration automatically against their workload
    • Manage grading and promote students to next stage level


    • Student admission – When marking student as admitted automatically converts applicant to customer/student and generates student No. as per program set prefix
    • Billing Process – Automatically auto bills the student as per settlement type set against the program when student completes registration and finance can trace the transaction entries with no human intervention/paperwork
    • Timetabling – Student will automatically get timetable (exam/class) on their web portal extension on completion of course registration
    • Grading – Student will automatically receive their results slips on web portal once released from BC by their exam coordinators
    • Notifications – Email notification triggers on documents such as Journals, Sales, Purchase and Student Registration




    1. Enrolment statistics
    2. population by campus, by per-program, by per-program category


    1. Student Statement
    2. Disbursement Report
    3. Student Balances
    4. Student Receipts Summary
    5. Fee Structure Report


    1. Examination Cards
    2. Examination Attendance Summary
    3. Consolidated Marksheet
    4. Official Transcript
    5. Provisional Transcript
    6. Grade Summary